Geometry Wars Clone

Windows PC


Tools Used:
Processing IDE

3 Weeks


Team Size:

Concept, programming,
playtesting, artwork

Tasked to re-create a game for my final project for my Playgramming class, I decided to pick Geometry Wars. The scope was small enough to have a feature complete game within the given time frame of three weeks.

Since everything for this project was made from scratch, I had to plan on what I wanted to include. Planning began by listing out the mechanics I had to make. This included how the ship would move, how the shooting mechanic would work, different enemy types and how they would spawn, and how score would function and be displayed.

Because this was my first solo project and first time programming, a few mechanics had to be scrapped to maintain a high level of polish. This included a power-up system (this included a bomb that would destroy all enemies on screen and a different weapon type) and being able to rotate the ship with the arrow keys.

More detail can be found below.

Download executable: NickV Geometry Wars

Download source files: NickV Geometry Wars Source Code

Detailed Info


  • Move ship using WSAD
  • Automatic shooting based on cursor position
  • Two different difficulties
  • Score is displayed at the top of the screen
  • Single life system
  • One level where enemies spawn from all sides


  • Constant spawning of enemies
  • Red triangles move towards player
  • Yellow squares float around randomly