Tools Used:

3ds Max

Unreal Engine


2 weeks


Concept and 2d sketches, design flow, modular model creation,
prop and texture placement, lighting, blueprint scripting

The first project for Advanced Level Design class. Prompt was to create a completely enclosed space with a 1st person perspective.

My design goal of this project was to create a simple maze like level that had scripted horror elements. Playtesting helped with iteration as feedback allowed me to get the flow of the level as originally designed. Through the use of lighting, textures, and audio, I was able to successfully achieve my goal of creating an atmospheric horror level.


Professor Comments:

“Stellar work here. There is such a fine attention to detail. It really shows that you put crazy amounts of love and sweat into this project. I would have no problem recommending you for professional level design work if anyone asked me. It shows that you already have a master of the tools.”

– DePaul College of Computing and Digital Cinema