Car Crashing

Windows PC

Unreal Engine 4

Unreal Blueprints

Tools Used:
Unreal Engine 4

3 Weeks


Team Size:

Concept, programming (blueprints), game design, level design, and audio

The final project for my Advanced Level Design class. The prompt was to take an already created mechanic and add onto it. In our case, it was the advanced car tutorial and we were not allowed to edit any of the physics. After playing around with the level that was provided, I noticed the physics were really bad and it was hard to keep the vehicle upright. I realized I could use that to my advantage and created a game based around that flaw.

This originally was supposed to be one level, but it turned into more of a game prototype. I had too much fun making this so I added an extra level. Please see below for detailed information.

Car Crashing

Professor Comments:

“So this is interesting in that it is markedly different from your previous levels in terms of look and feel. Here you built a straight up game prototype that was fun to explore and play with and had sufficiently designed basic assets that got the idea of the game across and felt pleasant to look at. I really look forward to seeing what you do in capstone. You’ve got a mastery of the tools that few people in the program have. Great work!”