Gas Station

Windows PC

CoDRadiant (Infinity Ward engine
based on id Tech 3)

C-based CoDRadiant Script

Tools Used:
Radiant Level Editor, Asset Manager, Photoshop, CoD4 Xmodel Mover

2 months


Team Size:

Concept, BSP placement, prop and texture placement, lighting, enemy spawning, pathing, scripted elements

A small level built for Call of Duty: World at War Zombie mode with the goal of gaining enough money to escape. This map is purposefully dark with dense fog to make the searching process for the ending more of a challenge. The inclusion of buildable elements in this map provided a secondary objective never seen before in custom maps at the time.

Since this was my first public map release, I wanted to incorporate elements that would make me stand out as a designer. I had been made aware of the vehicle scripting and pathing that was used in the single player portion of this game, and I wanted to include this in my map. As I was building the level, I started to create a road that connected the level to another area I had planned for but halfway through I changed this section to host a cinematic intro. This can be seen in the video below: